Marine and commercial refrigeration

Service and maintenance

Ernest west logo a ready use 304 SS refrigerator and freezer a row of ready use 304 SS refrigerators and freezers a central cargo plant a fire retardant provisions room

Based in Kent, Ernest West & Beynon has supplied both the Naval and Merchant Marine for over 75 years'.

We take pride in the fact that we have remained and independent family owned business which means we are able to adapt to your needs.  We have vast experience in supplying refrigeration units to the marine industry so if you need to transport food across oceans we can provide the right refrigeration solution for you. We offer a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair service.

  • Cruise ships

  • Fishing trawlers

  • Offshore vessels

  • Reefers

  • Passenger Ferries

As part of our comprehensive tailor made service we will visit your vessel to discuss your needs, requirements and advise what equipment would be suitable, whether you need refrigeration units or tailor made temperature controlled rooms. Rest assured that our vast experience means you will get a high quality service that you will not be disappointed with.

So whether you are a fishing trawler or cruise ship we will make sure your cargo and passengers are transported in the best conditions.  

We offer expertise and a bespoke service. Call

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Our services are suited to:

Specialist services

We also offer air conditioning systems to all types of vessels from passenger ferries to offshore vessels. Get in touch with us today to discuss how our services may help you. We put your needs above all else which is why you will get a bespoke service from Ernest West & Beynon.

Marine air conditioning solutions

New type 45 Destroyer

Current marine contracts

New Queen Elizabeth Class Air Craft Carriers

Fire retardant provision rooms with demountable panels and integral or remote plant.

Storage of provisions

Central plants serving multi temperature holds.

Cargo plants

Ready Use 304 SS refrigerators and freezers with completely removable and interchangeable machinery modules.

  • Stainless steel counters

  • High efficiency blown air recirculation

  • Ice makers

  • Air cooled and sea water cooled wide range of outputs and storage capacities.

Galley equipment

Certain equipment available in low magnetic specification for use on mine hunters.

Low magnetic equipment

a new type 45 destroyer a new Queen Elizabeth class air craft carrier