Image by LPhot Kyle Heller; © Crown copyright 2023.

HMS Sutherland

  • Image by PO Phot Donny Osmond; © Crown copyright 2023.

    Type 23 Frigate

    HMS Sutherland life extension project

    The ship was launched on 9th March 1996 and originally fitted with Ernest West & Beynon equipment comprising of one freezer and two cool rooms designed to keep the ship at sea for an agreed number of days.

    Originally built using R12 refrigerant EWB upgraded the plant over the years.

    Now 27 years later the ship is being fitted with completely new cold and cool rooms, computer operated plant designed and built by Ernest West & Beynon Ltd.

    These new upgrades will ensure that the Type 23 frigates will continue to travel around the world until the next generation of Type 26 Frigates come on line. These will also have EWB cold and cool rooms on board.