Chilled Water Plant

Ernest West & Beynon has a long history of offering bespoke water-cooled plants for all of it’s customer’s needs.

  • Chilled Water Solutions

    With capacities up to 1700kW and using the latest technology, the plants are designed and built in house to the customer’s exact requirements. With an eye on future proofing and taking into account the ever-changing regulatory requirements the plants are always designed with low global warming potential refrigerants. Be it a land based / marine application, safe / hazardous area, utmost care is taken to select readily available components to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum in case of an unforeseen event.

    We provide an integrated through-life support solution with a team of experienced engineers ready to install, service and maintain new or existing equipment. Our engineers are geared up to optimize plant operation, ensuring stable and efficient operation irrespective of process or ambient fluctuations.

    Whether it is a new unit, upgrading an existing unit or a need to ensure the best efficiency out of an existing unit, get in touch with our sales department and we can guide you through to the best solution.