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Maintenance and Service

At Ernest West & Beynon, we have a team of experienced engineers dedicated to providing top-notch maintenance services for our customers’ equipment. Our services cover a wide range of equipment, including but not limited to cabinet freezers and fridges, walk-in freezers and cold rooms, ULT freezers, central air conditioning systems, industrial water chillers, and specialized refrigeration systems.

Our Satisfied Customers

As a company, we are flexible and offer fast response times, all while maintaining reasonable prices.

With years of experience in building various types of refrigeration systems and equipment, we have worked with customers across a diverse range of industries, including sports stadiums, logistics, research institutes, hospitals, educational institutes, manufacturing factories, and care homes, to name a few. By joining our maintenance scheme, customers can benefit from our 24/7 emergency call-out service.

Check out some of our satisfied customers:

We keep equipment inventory for our clients, so our engineers would be well prepared with just a click to our system, saving a lot of your valuable time. Regardless of the value of your system and equipment, we value your operation, and we encourage you to contact us for better protection.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond mere repairs; when the economics of repair or operation are unfavourable, we advocate for system refurbishments.  We meticulously prioritize not only capital costs but also operational expenses, ensuring that our proposals offer an economically sound solution for our clients.  Supported by a strong technical foundation, our team excels in delivering solutions that optimize system performance and energy efficiency.

Our expertise goes beyond just refrigeration solutions; our comprehensive approach considers building structure, insulation, system control, and even the condenser’s location for enhanced heat dissipation.  A testament to our expertise is a recent cold room refurbishment project. By considering all of the factors listed previously it was found that the capacity required was 25% less than the original system, enabling our client to reduce their running costs. We work for total solutions, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across every facet of our projects.