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Marine: Chilled Water Plant

We offer a large range of chilled water plants for a variety of applications and industries. Our standard designs can be customised to suit your needs, or we also offer completely bespoke options as required.

  • Established Design

    Our designs are well established, with Ernest West & Beynon chillers currently in service on several Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels including Argus, Fort Victoria, Cardigan Bay, Lyme Bay, Diligence, Fort Rosalie and Fort Austin.

    We have supplied chillers from 2.5 kW for jet-fighter applications, 15-20 kW chillers for submarines and up to 1 MW chillers for marine air conditioning.

    Whether land based or off-shore, we can provide water-cooled or air-cooled systems to match your requirements.

Standard Features For Our Marine Chiller Range

  • Rugged construction designed to withstand the shock loadings experienced in the MOD marine environment.
  • High performance semi hermetic twin screw compressor with variable capacity control and integral oil separator.
  • Shell and tube condensers rated for operating in seawater temperatures up to 40°C. Available in standard 90/10 Cupro Nickel (CuNi) or 70/30 CuNi grade tubes (Titanium and Stainless Steel can also be offered).
  • A1 refrigerant. RFA and RN standard refrigerants, environmentally friendly (low GWP), non-toxic, globally available, high Coefficient of Performance (COP).
  • Tamper proof electronic thermostatic expansion valves to provide optimal control of refrigerant flow under wide range of operating conditions.
  • Touch screen operator panel with on screen help pages and plant operational data. Trend graphs, current alarm display and historical alarm logging is included as standard.
  • Fully integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) providing complete plant supervision with PID control of chilled water supply temperature and seawater flow requirement. The PLC provides full ModbusRTU communications for remote alarm and data monitoring stations.
  • Designed for minimal and ease of maintenance. Service valves are fitted to avoid costly refrigerant decanting requirements and filter drier elements are positioned for accessibility.
  • The compressors and many other key components are sourced from high volume manufacturers, thus improving reliability and ensuring spare parts are globally readily available.
  • Standard designs available at 150 kW, 480kW, 640 kW, 770 kW, 900 kW, 925 kW, 1200 kW, 1350 kW, 1700 kW.

Completely bespoke solutions also available, please enquire.